Top 3 players that play the most for each day win
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17 May 2019
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18 May 2019
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19 May 2019
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20 May 2019
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Mini Poker Pro Gambler !!!
Battle for 810,000 coupons
17 May 2019 (00.00) – 25 May 2019 (23.59)
Top 3 players that play the most for each day win

(Rule: Must play MiniPoker at least 500 times
and Turnover at least 500,000 coupons per day)

Further information
1. MiniPoker only choose one if more than one it won’t count
2. Player that in the ranks must play Golden Chance Lotto
at least 1 number in activity period to get reward
(Received everyday)
1st – 3rd 30,000 coupons

Total 810,000 coupons
- Result will be announced within 5 days
- Activities that affected by offline server will be extended
- Time and Ranking based on Server
- We may change some information later without warning
- Result from us is final
- Ranking will be result only in final day of activity
Further information contact LINE : @luckygames
or Facebook : @luckygamesmlive
WinNine Pacific Pty Ltd Level 20, Zenith Center, 821 Pacific Hwy, Chatswood NSW 2067 Australia