VJ with the highest live streaming hours will earn special reward.
Event duration
5 March 2019 [10.00 am.] – 15 March 2019 [11.59 pm.]

Event conditions
- ID with status
- Unlimited call duration
- The highest accumulated live streaming hours within event duration.
- In case of total live streaming hours is equal, the highest coins will be judged.
- Live streaming not lower than 15 hours within event duration.
- Total Coins are not lower than 50,000 Coins within event duration.
- VJ participating event is able to live stream along with Mlive app.
- VJ participating event required receiving a call from users every time.
In case of not receiving over than 3 times during event duration,
they will disqualify immediately.

- 1st gets 3,000 baht
- 2nd gets 1,500 baht
- 3rd – 7th get 500 baht

Total 7,000 baht

How to register as VJ Takeme

- Enquiry and question please contact LINE: @takemeclub / Fb: @TakeMeFanClub
- We reserve the right to change the event details without prior notice.
- The team will check and summarize the results within 5 working days after the event ends.
- In case of server maintenance or another reasons cause players cannot be online
during event holding, event still ends as it was.
- The staff’s decision is final.
- Time mainly based on server.

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