How to play Fruit Slash
Fruit Slash the ultimate fruit cutting game as for how it’s easy to play.
The players can select their desired knife with the amount of coupon price specified.
Slashing the fruits and the result will be entirely depended on your luck.
The game also including Jackpot system to win, but don’t don't miss out on the bomb!!

How to play
1. Select your desired knife (specified by coupon price)

2. Slash the floating fruits and the result will be random rate of reward depending on the player’s luck.

3. Total accumulated Jackpot.

4. Event button for events in game to win the coupons as reward.

5. Back button to Mlive page.

6. On/Off sound button in game.

7. Detail button for game guideline.

8. Speed up button to adjust the sensitivity of fruits including 3 levels X1 ,X2 ,X3

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