How to playPets Card
Pets Card, cute card game,
easy to play just compare max and min points
between own and banker. Point will be arranged
from max to min as follows9>8>7>6>5>4>3>2>0
Moreover there is Jackpot Cards to push forward as well.

Let’s see how to play
1. There will be 3 channels to select,
players are able to bet any or all channels.
Rate will be 1:1 by measurement point cards between players
and banker(Except the players have 9 card will earn double rewards
from their amount of bets)

2. Trendbutton,
players can check bet results of previous round
by tap button following the picture.

3. Chip price
will be more or less depending on
existing coupons in game.

4. Bet in this channel again,
will be same numbers of bet from previous round.

5. Chat is function to use megaphone,
for players who don’t like, can enable or disable.

6. Various help buttons
6.1 enable/disable sounds button

6.2 Game notices button

6.3 Game descriptions button

6.4 BackwardMlive page button

7. Change languages button

8. Checking Jackpot information button

8.1 Information about rate
of giving Jackpot as point cards

9. Checking charm ranking button,
charm stat will get from other players
who send any Emoto you

9.1 Sample of Emo for sending to players
to decrease charm stat,
there will be price as picture

10. Players lists button

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