The popular gifts that many people seek from a young man.
MLive is ready for you to collect gifts
#must have #Nothing is expensive
Extra aura and gorgeous in you . Plus,
decorate your bracelets and with beautiful charms
to explore a new era of style.

Event duration
23 October 2018 (18.00) – 23 December 2018 (22.00) GMT+7
Event details
1. VJs that accumulate a certain amount of gifts will be rewarded.
2. Unlimited rewards, collect more get more.

Gift to accumulate Conditions

Moment : 1,000 coupons
Accumulate gifts 1,340 pcs
get Moments PANDORA Rose Sliding Bracelet

ESSENCE : 1,000 coupons
Accumulate gifts 1,130 pcs
get ESSENCE PANDORA Rose Bracelet

Signature : 1,000 คูปอง
Accumulate gifts 1,640 pcs
get PANDORA Signature Open Bangle

- We reserve the right to only the VJ who has signed
the contract with the company.
- The winners must inform IDX / Name, Last Name,
Address and Phone Number for sending
the reward only through Fanpage
MLive >>
- The team will check and send the reward after
receiving the evidence within 15 working days.
- We reserve the right to change
the event details without prior notice.
- The reference time mainly based on the system.
- The team's decision is final.
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